Each Child Is Unique and One-of-a-Kind!

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Each Child Is Unique and One-of-a-Kind!

The children of KALIPAY may have come from unfortunate circumstances, but we, as their carers, do everything we can to raise them well aware of their own beauty and unique personality- that each and every one of them is special in their own way.

Ms. May, their Christian Living Teacher at the Kalipay Learning Center, made them do a quick self-portrait with their own preferences and likes. They all got very creative and drew themselves with all kinds of colors, accessories, and facial expressions.

At the end of the activity, they all presented their drawings and shared with the class what made them unique and special. The children were astounded at how different their works were from the rest- proof that being different is not a bad thing!

Raising the children to be kind and loving, accepting and empathetic is something the teachers, as well as the Home Parents, work hard to do. As it is a part of our goal to raise them into well-rounded individuals who will become wonderful members of the community!