Used Modules Get Second Life at Kalipay

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Used Modules Get Second Life at Kalipay

Ever since our school, the Kalipay Learning Center adopted the UST Angelicum REAP Curriculum, the children have been working on modules. The children love doing schoolwork this way, but the downside is that modules are notoriously paper-heavy.

The teachers were increasingly worried at the amount of paper being used- especially once the modules have been already been answered. The clean side of the papers is still used as drawing paper, scratch pads, and internal office forms before they are set aside. 

As part of the school’s plan to lessen paper waste, the children started working on paper decorations for Christmas. They have started with paper stars which they plan on stringing along the corridors of the home and the school. Christmas is still 99 days away, but that will give the children time to make more paper decorations and really get them into the Christmas spirit.

Beyond recycling and upcycling, we want to teach the KALIPAY children to be mindful of waste and to make good use of whatever we already have.

If you have any ideas and suggestions of how to upcycle printed papers/modules, we’d love to hear them!

*The school, Kalipay Learning Center, is located inside the Recovered Treasures compound; the teachers are also living within the grounds- allowing the children to attend classes face to face. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Home for health and safety reasons.