Official Statement on the Condition of Anna Balcells

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Official Statement on the Condition of Anna Balcells

As some people may know that Ms. Anna Balcells, our Founder and President has been battling Covid these past days, a lot of people have been asking about how she is doing. KALIPAY has prepared an Official Statement on her condition:

Official Statement of Kalipay Negrense Foundation on the Condition of Anna C. Balcells, Founder and President.

Unfortunately, last Nov. 20, 2021, Ms. Anna C. Balcells tested positive for Covid 19. She had been suffering from a sore throat which prompted her to get tested. Although Ms. Anna has been fully vaccinated, her lifelong struggle with her lung health has made her very vulnerable to Covid 19. Following her result, she immediately sought medical advice and started total isolation at her home, and hired the services of a specialized home medical care provider designed for Covid cases.

During the first few days, she had been feeling very weak as her oxygen levels were quite low at 86. She had nausea, headaches, body malaise, and shortness of breath. She also lost her sense of taste and smell. She was put on her first round of medications and was required to be on oxygen support 24/7 to help with her breathing; and without it, her oxygen levels will continue to drop. As the days progressed, her physical strength continued to deteriorate, and on Nov. 27, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her team of doctors has put her on REMDESIVIR and 14 other medicines to manage her condition.

As her oxygen levels continue to fluctuate, her recent blood tests revealed that she has inflammation in her body which could lead to blood clots. To counter this, her doctors will put her on TOCILIZUMAB today, an expensive drug that is very hard to come by nowadays.

Despite her condition, Ms. Anna remains in high spirits. She is in constant communication with her family and KALIPAY staff and children through messages and calls. She is still very much involved in our day-to-day operations, insisting that this keeps her preoccupied from feeling depressed from the situation. This daily exchange keeps her excitement at finally going back to her routine of working on all things KALIPAY. The children give her a sense of purpose and strength to fight this battle.

We are grateful that Ms. Anna is being attended to by a great team of specialists, and getting the best medical care despite being at home. Her room has become a makeshift hospital with all the necessary equipment at the ready. She also has a nurse making sure she is okay, and who relays all information to her team of doctors in real-time.

We know Ms. Anna is a fighter, but we humbly ask everyone to include her in your prayers. Her road to recovery will be tough, but so is she. Her entire KALIPAY FAMILY is rallying behind her every step of the way. It will be our turn to cheer her on, as she has done so for the children KALIPAY since its founding.

Thank you so much to all the people who sent her messages and well-wishes, these are a welcome reprieve from the loneliness of isolation.

With this, we urge everyone to please keep safe and healthy. The pandemic is still here, let us not keep our guard down.

May God bless us all.