Kalipay’s New Playroom

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Kalipay’s New Playroom

On the occasion of his birthday, we would like to honor Lukas Schmid, Kalipay Germany Board Member and longtime volunteer!

We would like to take this opportunity to show our deep gratitude for all he has done for us over the years. Biking4More, his most recent project done with Lea Fritzsch, is a biking initiative that sent them journeying across Europe from Germany to as far as Turkey, all while spreading the word on the work of KALIPAY.

Through their fundraising efforts along every country they pass, they were able to raise enough money to set up a playroom for the KALIPAY children inside Recovered Treasures Home. Lukas, being a Social Worker in his hometown in Germany, understands how important play is to the development of children. They have worked closely with preschool teachers to create a design conducive to educational play. The playroom includes a reading nook, a construction area where the kids can play with building blocks, a fish tank, and an area where the kids can create and display their artworks. The playroom is aptly named Play2Learn, a fun take on the name of their project Biking4More.

Through this project, the KALIPAY children now have a designated space where they can play, read, and explore art in leisure.

Thank you for making this happen Tito Lukas! Happy Birthday! We hope to see you again soon!
To see their amazing journey, please visit their website https://biking4more.com/ and follow them on Social Media through: https://www.facebook.com/biking4more/