A Bubbly Afternoon with the Kalipay Children

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A Bubbly Afternoon with the Kalipay Children

They say children learn best when they are having fun. A few days ago, the small children of our school, the Kalipay Learning Center, did a little science experiment. They made their own bubble solution out of Hibiscus (Gumamela) leaves.

With the help of Teacher Shobie and Teacher Josephine, the kids gathered the Hibiscus leaves around the garden, They proceeded to pound it to a pulp to squeeze out the sticky sap. Then they added the pulp to a bowl of water to make the solution. Lastly, they strained the bits of leaves out and added a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

The experiment was a success. Their homemade bubble solution made wonderful bubbles. They enjoyed it so much that the children continued to blow bubbles after classes, and even explained to their Nanays (Home Parents) how they made it.

We are so lucky to have creative and dedicated teachers who always think of ways to keep the students interested and engaged.

*The school, Kalipay Learning Center, is located inside the Recovered Treasures compound; the teachers are also living within the grounds- allowing the children to attend classes face to face. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Home for health and safety reasons.