Volunteerism in Action

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Volunteerism in Action

Volunteerism has different faces – from love for the kids, genuine service, effort, giving, understanding, enjoyment, compassion, hard work, and skills sharing.

Take a look at the experiences of our Volunteers to witness various faces of volunteerism inside a children’s home where our mission and vision is to bring joy to the lives of our kids; from teaching the kids in the classroom, reading stories, working in the farm, harvesting eggs, helping in the kitchen, plotting and planting vegetables, making bokashi fertilizers, and making creative spaces for the kids.

Presently, we are in need of more local volunteers to help us:

1. Teach our children sports, arts, technology, and life skills

2. Train our children and staff about sustainable farming

3. Assist our home and kitchen staff in providing the basic daily needs of our children

If interested please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ialac Etorsaita, at +639 17 700 2345.