Teachers Day Celebration

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Teachers Day Celebration

Late (But oh-so-special) Teachers Day Celebration! 

World Teachers Day was last October 5, 2021, but the children prepared a surprise for their teachers just today! The touching reason is that they wanted to wait for one of their beloved teachers, Ms. Jed Ambong, to come back from her leave so they can all celebrate together! It was also a wonderful opportunity for them to welcome another teacher into the Kalipay Family, Ms. Claudine Sebomit! Plenty of flowers, cards, warm hugs, and happy tears all around! 

The children are so blessed to be surrounded by teachers who truly love and care for them! It is heart-warming to see them grow and bloom under the guidance of these Wonderwomen!  

The school, Kalipay Learning Center, is located inside the Recovered Treasures compound; the teachers are also living within the grounds- allowing the children to attend classes face to face. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Home for health and safety reasons.