Happy Teachers Day!

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Happy Teachers Day!

Big hugs and our heartiest well-wishes on TEACHERS DAY for the Kalipay Learning Center’s six awesome teachers! 

The team, led by our Head of Educational Services, Ms. Khey Fuentes, bolstered by Ms. Jed Ambong, Ms. Mayette Mijares, Ms. Cheryl Tuazon, Ms. Josephine Aquino, and Ms. Shiobe Ty have all valiantly volunteered to live within the Recovered Treasures Compound for the duration of the school year in order for the Kalipay children to continue attending regular classes at the Kalipay Learning Center. 

Given the circumstances in which the Kalipay children have come from, all the sacrifices, efforts, hard work, and genuine care for them have left a wonderful mark on each child. Something which they will carry all throughout their lives. Your brilliant ideas and fun ways of teaching have made school something they really look forward to every day! For that, we are so thankful! We are so blessed to have you in our big Kalipay family! 

Happy Teachers Day to our Kalipay Teachers, and all the other teachers, professors, and educators around the world!