Season’s Greetings from Kalipay

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Season’s Greetings from Kalipay

To our dearest friends, Christmas always brings out a flood of emotions from all of us working in Kalipay – all rooted in a deep sense of gratefulness that we will be spending this year’s Christmas in good health and in good spirits. We are so happy that the 18 children we have rescued this year alone will get to
spend Christmas as part of the KALIPAY family, where they are finally safe, loved, and cared for. Today, we have 115 children under our care; and while this figure may seem daunting, we choose to look forward with optimism as God has always found a way to help KALIPAY, sending blessings in the form of people, organizations, and fellow foundations to aid us when we need it the most. It has always been our fervent wish and prayer that we get to help as many abused
children as possible, and if 2022 has taught us anything, it is FAITH. Faith in people’s good intentions and genuine desire to help these abused and
disadvantaged children. Many times, over the year, miracles have arrived at our doorstep, completely unexpected but always perfectly timed.
It is on this positive note that we would like to thank every single person who has helped and contributed to KALIPAY- our friends and partners. You have all left a mark on the children’s hearts. It is you who gave them a chance to experience Christmas in a loving environment. On behalf of the KALIPAY children and staff, salamat gid! Thank you so much! May you all be blessed, as you have been a blessing to us. Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2023! KALIPAY Board of Trustees