Kalipay 14th Anniversary!

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Kalipay 14th Anniversary!

KALIPAY NEGRENSE FOUNDATION celebrates 14 years of care and service to the children survivors of abuse in Negros Occidental! 

KALIPAY Today in Numbers

•96 children under our care, 

•28 are in the process of adoption, 

•63 enrolled in the Kalipay Learning Center for Basic Education, 

•18 teens in Senior High, and

•5 in college, enrolled in various schools around the province. 

These numbers are testament to KALIPAY’s commitment to improving the lives of the children under our care. We would not have made it this long without the compassion and generosity of our benefactors, donors, sponsors and partner institutions and organisations. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, dear friends!

We are looking forward to more years with you all!

 led by our Founder and President, Anna C. Balcells.

Their service goes beyond making the best decisions for KALIPAY, they are our movers and shakers, mentors to the staff, and more importantly, loving titos and titas to the KALIPAY children. 

Their dedication to KALIPAY is a beacon of light in the otherwise dire circumstances that the children had come from. We are looking forward to the years ahead, guided by their light. 

Cheers to more years, KALIPAY Board of Trustees!