Jose Mari Chan in Kalipay

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Jose Mari Chan in Kalipay

Yesterday, we were able to celebrate our anniversary for the very first time and we were hugely blessed with a miraculous surprise as Jose Mari Chan, the legendary Filipino singer-songwrite

After tita Anna requested for a song, Jose Mari Chan gladfully sang his classic hit song “Christmas in Our Hearts” and he was able to bring the essence of Christmas – love, peace, and hope – even in the month of June in our Kalipay home and in every heart of our guests. r and the Father of Philippine Christmas Music attended our celebration with our entire Kalipay family and beloved guests.

Thank you so much Jose Mari Chan for sharing your time with us on a holiday and celebrating with us as Kalipay reaches 16 years of bringing joy to children. Your generosity, humility, and impactful talent in music are our inspiration to serve our community with what we have in life.

Palangga ka gid namun! ’til next time!