Impactful Act of Volunteerism

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Impactful Act of Volunteerism

Kalipay is so blessed to have Monste Dosta as the president of Kalipay Spain Foundation.
Her relentless passion for Kalipay as a volunteer has been her strong force to come to Kalipay twice a year, staying one month and a half for several years now.

Montse’s stay in Kalipay has always been full of fun, productivity, and enjoyment as she shares her skills and knowledge to our children. Everyday, she wakes up at 4 am to prepare for her yoga classes with the kids at 5 in the morning as a way to promote their overall health. After that, she teaches the children the Spanish language and creates artworks and different activities with them. At night, she ends up having games for our kids.

A day in Kalipay with Montse’s bright presence will always be moments of extreme happiness for the kids and our Kalipay staff, it will always be moments serving as proofs how volunteerism can impact lives in a significant and beautiful way.

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