For every child, every right

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For every child, every right

November holds a special significance as we celebrate Children’s Month, a global recognition established by the UN to uphold and safeguard the rights of every child. It serves as a reminder that each child deserves a future filled with promise, protection, and joy.

At Kalipay Negrense Foundation, our commitment to this cause runs deep. For 16 years, we have tirelessly advocated for the well-being of children who have endured abandonment, extreme poverty, and abuse. Our mission is simple yet profound – to bring happiness and hope to the lives of disadvantaged children.

Through our unwavering support, we strive to create a world where every child can dream, regardless of their past challenges.

Join us in making a difference this Children’s Month, as we continue our journey to create a brighter future for these resilient young souls. #ChildrensMonth #KalipayNegrense #BringJoy