Farewell, Atty. Lyndon Caña

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Farewell, Atty. Lyndon Caña

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to our beloved former Board of Trustee and co-founder, Atty. Lyndon P. Caña. We had found a mentor, advisor, and most of all, a dear friend in him. 

In the early days of KALIPAY, when we were but greenhorns in this line of work, Atty. Lyndon has been there to help navigate this once-new foundation. He was a man of reason- always calm and collected. His quiet ways and simple manner has belied a fierce and great compassion for the abused children we try so hard to rescue and save. Truly, KALIPAY would not have been what it is today if not for his guidance.  

Our work as a children’s foundation is undeniably emotionally-laden, and when times have been exceptionally hard for us, he was the anchor through it all. His brilliant and practical mind, matched only with his gentleness, has steered KALIPAY in the right direction more times than we can count.  

We will miss him greatly, and his wise words will always be taken to heart. “Just because we are dealing with the poorest of the poor, that does not mean we give them less, on the contrary, we must give them the best! ” – the line our Founder and President, Anna C. Balcells will never ever forget; one which she continues to live by to this day.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dearest Lyndon, for being who you are to KALIPAY. The Board of Trustees, staff, and children will always remember you with love and fondness. Our hearts are heavy with your passing, but we take comfort knowing that you are now at peace and with the Lord.