Embracing Familiar Smiles!

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Embracing Familiar Smiles!

True to keeping Christmas traditions, our KALIPAY teens attended Simbang Gabi!

The halls of our children’s home are echoing with laughter as we welcome Axel, our Kalipay Volunteer from Sweden and he brought his incredible family along!

Together, we celebrated the true spirit of Christmas – unity, love, and hope. Despite life’s challenges, their joy radiated, reminding us of the true meaning of the season.

They joined in a lively game of floorball with our spirited kids. Our living room was turned into a court that became a canvas of shared smiles, teamwork, and unforgettable connections.

Thank you Ambassador Harald Fries and Mme Susan Batungbacal Fries, your warmth and kindness have always lit up our humble space in the middle of the rice field.