A Christmas Message from KALIPAY

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A Christmas Message from KALIPAY

The Christmas season always brings out the sentimental in me. As I recall all the hardships we have faced- the ongoing effect of the pandemic, natural calamities, illnesses, and all other challenges, I am struck with gratefulness at all the help we have received. Every donation, every partnership, every single act of kindness has tided us over a difficult year.

On a personal note, my battle with Covid a month ago has been the hardest thing I had to go through, but by what seems to be a miracle, I have recovered from my serious condition. Although I will have to take it slow, moving forward. My road to a full recovery will be very steep, but I draw strength from my Kalipay children.

As we all look back at what we have been through, may we be reminded of the true definition of Christmas- beyond the decorations and presents, feasts, and get-togethers, we are faced with the simple truth that Christmas lies nowhere else but in our hearts.

Let’s be good neighbors and members of the community. Let’s be mindful of others’ situations, helpful to those in need, and most especially, let us look after the disadvantaged, not with pity, but with kind hearts and open hands.

From the entire KALIPAY family, Merry Christmas, everyone! May you and your families be blessed with much love and joy this season and in the year ahead!

Loving hugs,
Anna C. Balcells
Founder and President