Throwback Thursday!

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Throwback Thursday!

Looking back at the photos of Ms. Gigi Campos’ past Mosaic Workshops at KALIPAY, it dawned on us that mosaics, apart from being beautiful works of art, can be reflected on as a metaphor for the KALIPAY children. That something broken can be a turned into a masterpiece; that beautiful things can come out of something imperfect under the right hands. And that each piece, however small, is essential to the overall artwork- much like each child is a beloved part of the KALIPAY family. 

These Mosaic Workshops were conducted two years ago, on May 17-19, 2019, but the memory is still fresh to the children who participated. Especially to *Jimmy, a Kalipay teen who still practices mosaic-work by incorporating it into his simple furniture works. It is touching to see the lessons make a lasting impression. 

Ms. Gigi Campos’ love for art and compassion for the KALIPAY children almost seem to go hand in hand. It is her unique way of expressing her love for the children the best way she can- through her art. Recently, she launched Visions and Versions, an online art exhibit showcasing her watercolor paintings inspired by Frida Kahlo and Folk Art. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Kalipay Negrense Foundation. 

If you want to take a look at the pieces still available, you may visit her website: 

and follow her Official Facebook Page: 

Congratulations, Ms. Gigi! For hitting 500 Likes on your Facebook Page and of course, for the smashing success of your first online exhibit. Thank you for all that you do for the KALIPAY children!