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Sponsor Hygiene Products

One of the services of KALIPAY is to teach our children healthy hygiene and proper grooming practices.

Every month, we give our 120 children their own hygiene needs to help them maintain their physical health and cleanliness.

Our staff are preparing the hygiene products to be sent in our Recovered Treasures Home. We also provide them with laundry soaps and teach them how to properly wash their own clothes as early as 10 years old, with the supervision of our home parents – practices that train them to be responsible and independent.

As the month changes, it is a test for us to consistently supply our kids with their hygienic needs which are all becoming expensive, but we are blessed in receiving hygiene supplies from our donors. Your help goes a long way in maintaining the well-being of our young ones. Thank you so much.

If you wish to donate hygiene products to our KALIPAY children such as body soaps, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, toothbrushes, toothpastes, toilet papers, feminine napkins, colognes, cotton balls, baby diapers, and laundry soaps, feel free to call Ialac at +639177002345 or through our telephone number (034) 468 9421.

Let us together champion the overall health of our precious children!