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Places by Gigi Campos

Nothing but admiration for one of our founding members and current Honorary Board Member, Ms. Gigi Campos. Almost a year after her highly successful first online exhibition comes her second exhibit: PLACES, a showcase of her watercolor paintings inspired by her many travels all over the world. As each country leaves an impression on her, she manages to transfer the experience through paint and paper- allowing her to relive all the great memories long after the trip.

It is heartwarming to know that through all of Ms. Gigi’s travels, the children of Kalipay are never far from her thoughts. In her own unique way, her art has become a vehicle for the children at KALIPAY to go places, so to speak. We will always be grateful for her constant presence and support for the children.

PLACES will launch on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 3:00PM through her website:

You may also check for updates on the exhibit at her Official Facebook Page

A portion of the proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to KALIPAY NEGRENSE FOUNDATION for the care of children victims of abuse in Negros Occidental.