National Adoption Consciousness Month

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National Adoption Consciousness Month

February is National Adoption Consciousness Month. To celebrate, KALIPAY will be featuring a series of short articles about the lives of several KALIPAY children. With the stories, we hope you share our delight and admiration for these truly wonderful people.  However difficult their early lives were, their bright personalities really shine through.

It is the dream of KALIPAY to provide happy and loving homes for all the kids. Although they are cared for in our residential facilities, a normal family life is really the top priority.  Reunification with their families is the most ideal setup for the children, but in cases of abuse and neglect, it is impossible and clearly unadvisable to send them back to their families.

In this situation, KALIPAY’s team of Social Workers are working to get the kids adopted. The road to adoption is long and arduous, for both the child and the adoptive family but our social workers are working tirelessly to make it happen. The adoption process usually takes around a minimum of three years and entails matching the child to prospective parents at the Regional, Inter-regional and finally Inter-country levels. It is a commitment, in every sense of the word. And as with all commitments, it is absolutely worth it in the end.

KALIPAY wishes a happy ending for every child and we are committed to helping them realize that future. We are with them every step of the way and if adoption does not fall through, we will rise up and be the family they never had. Life at KALIPAY may be unconventional, but we are sure to lovingly provide them with every need.