Repost from our Executive Director, Meliton Sillador
If you ask me, “What is best thing about working with Kalipay?” I would say, “it’s witnessing MIRACLES happen everyday…”
A year ago Kalipay rescued a severely malnourished toddler living along the lacson street. The child was left on the streets as the mother was in labor in the hospital. The child wasimmediately brought to the hospital for emegerncy care.

Baby Emmanuel (not his real name) stayed in Riverside Hospital for a week for treatment of bilateral pneumonia and severe malnutrition. Since then, he has been admitted four times more for other health problems…

Now this is what a difference a year makes!!! Emmanuel is a healthy, sweet and loving toddler. He loves to interact with other children and plays with stuffed animals and blocks. He runs around, sometimes he stumbles but quickly gets up and runs again.

We in Kalipay are forever grateful to everybody that made this miracle happen. Especially those who gave us F100 Milk Formula, those who sent us formula bottles, children’s clothes and those who aided us in paying for the hospital bills.

Again thank you thank you very much.

This is what Kalipay is all about, this is what #BringingJoy to disadvantaged children is all about…

And despite the everyday struggle to survive, this is what keeps us going…