Kalipay Partners with Seda

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Kalipay Partners with Seda

Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc. creates partnership with Seda Capitol Central Hotel through a Memorandum of Agreement Signing, focused on helping Kalipay to promote its social enterprise by making Seda as its venue to sell merchandise to generate income for the benefit of 117 Kalipay children under the foundation’s care and to promote the causes and programs of Kalipay to the public.

Kim Joseph Guimba, the general manager of Seda Capitol Central, represented the whole Seda community in the MOA signing with Kalipay’s executive director Mhel Sillador.

Currently, Seda displays Kalipay’s merchandise such as mugs, shirts, and greeting cards at their hotel lobby to help the children’s foundation in selling them to their guests and visitors.

“The Alagang AyalaLand Corner of Seda Capitol Central was born in August 2021 when we started displaying and selling the recycled products of Blastik Project at the hotel lobby for the benefit of the farmers of Peace Pond in Binalbagan,” Kim Joseph Guimba shares how Seda’s initiative in helping the social enterprises of organizations started.

“Now, we are very glad to partner with Kalipay Negrense Foundation and add their merchandise to the growing Alagang AyalaLand Corner for the benefit of the disadvantaged children. More than the selling of the products, this initiative’s bigger impact is showing that Seda believes and supports these NGOs’ advocacies and it is our goal to promote them to our guests. We accommodate hundreds of guests from different parts of the world and we want to use this platform to create awareness for a good cause. With our partnership with Kalipay Negrense Foundation, we dream of one day becoming a bridge for a child finding his or her new home and be a part of their beautiful story,” Guimba further expresses.

For Kalipay’s executive director Mhel Sillador, the said partnership reminds the public that individuals, groups, and institutions have their respective roles in providing care for those children who need help.

“I am very happy about the initiative and enthusiasm of Seda Capitol Central to be part of our ‘Bringing Joy Movement’. This partnership of Kalipay with Seda is a beautiful reminder that everybody has a role in taking care of the disadvantaged children in the community,” Sillador says.

Kalipay and Seda’s partnership is proof that non-governmental organizations and corporate institutions can collaborate and unite to help the community who are in great need and to share positive impacts to their beneficiaries.