KALIPAY Kids Grow Monggo

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KALIPAY Kids Grow Monggo

As part of the KALIPAY children’s activities at Recovered Treasures, the children grow a variety of vegetables. Last month KALIPAY decided to let them try growing their own monggo. The Home, Recovered Treasures, sits in the middle of vast rice fields, perfect for planting projects.   

All KALIPAY children participated in one way or another in farming the monggo. The Big Ones helped prepare the ground and planted the seeds. After a month and a half of watering and caring for the crops, the monggo was ready for harvesting. The children gathered the monggo pods and laid them out in the sun for a day to dry before finally removing the shells. They were able to harvest three sacks worth of monggo beans. 

They say farming is a school of patience, and how true this is. It was a great learning experience for the children, a practice in cultivating the earth and, quite literally, reaping what you sow. 

At KALIPAY, we are committed to teaching the children life lessons and life skills that will stay with them long after their time in KALIPAY.