Kalipay Kid Bringing Joy in the US!

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Kalipay Kid Bringing Joy in the US!

Former Kalipay Kid now lives in Orlando and works in probably the happiest place to be, Disney World!!! Recently, Kalipay’s Executive Director had the opportunity to reconnect with Alex during his trip in Florida this month.

Alex has been adopted back in 2017 to a wonderful couple in Michigan. In fact, Alex’s adoption was nothing less of a miracle as he was matched 2 weeks before he aged out from the adoption system. His journey to adjust in his new country wasn’t easy but with God’s grace he is doing well and good.

At 21 years old now, he is in a quest to search for his biological family specifically his younger siblings. I’m sure it would give him infinite joy this season to be able to get any information about his family. If you have any leads, feel free to us in Kalipay.

I’m still at awe that our kalipay kid whom we brought joy one way or another is #bringingjoy to children in Disney.

Children without family are the most vulnerable people in world and it is Kalipay’s goal to help it’s beneficiaries to be reunited with their family or to assist those without family to find their “forever family.”