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Kalipay Baking

From kneading dough to creating delightful pastries, these young talents have embraced the world of baking with passion and creativity.

10 of our children beneficiaries and 5 staff completed a basic baking course conducted by

Chef Mikel Arriet- GM, Anya Resorts @mikelarriet

Chef Chris Leaning – Executive Chef, Anya Resorts @chef_chris_anthony

Chef Neil Cabillos – Chef Baker, Anya Resorts

Chef Louie Chua- Chef Baker @thephotogfoodie

Chef JA Ventura- LTB Vice President @chepja313

Chef James Antolin- LTB Director @jsantolin

Chef J. Gamboa- LTB Director @chefjgamboa

Join us in celebrating our children’s achievements and expressing gratitude to the LTB Philippines Chefs Association for making this opportunity possible.

Together, let’s foster a community that uplifts and empowers every child to dream big in the kitchen and beyond!