Happy Social Work Month!

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Happy Social Work Month!

March is Social Work Month!

This is an Appreciation Post for our beloved Social Workers at KALIPAY! Adoption is a lovely thing for both the child and the adoptive family. Rare do we shed light on the near-superhuman work our social workers put in to make this happen!

Social workers are the last line of defense for these disadvantaged children. They provide voices to those who cannot speak for themselves, fight for those who are helpless, listen to those who have been silenced, help those who have been hurt or abandoned by their own families, and heal the wounded hearts of these precious children.

KALIPAY is blessed to have an all-star team of capable social workers led by Ms. Adelle, our Head of Social Services, bolstered by Reshelle, Michelle, Rosie Jane and Gelime Fia. They are truly the unsung heroes of the KALIPAY children! Thank you for the work you do!