Farm to Table at Kalipay

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Farm to Table at Kalipay

Farm to Table at KALIPAY: Homegrown Vegetables for the Kids, by the Kids.

Our shelter, Recovered Treasures Home sits on farmland. What better use of the rich soil than to plant our own produce! The KALIPAY children, guided by the Home Parents, have always planted around the grounds of the Home, but in the last year, they have doubled their efforts in planting a wider variety of vegetables to augment their meals. 

The Home has great success in growing Okra, String Beans, Squash, Eggplant, Kamote (Sweet Potato), Patola (Luffa Gourd), Alugbati (Malabar Spinach) and Saluyot (Jute), among others. Fruit has also been growing at the Home, the children have harvested Green Papayas, Saba Bananas and Indian Mango.

The children’s health is always a priority at KALIPAY, and to be able to grow and harvest our own fruits and vegetables is something we consider a blessing. Who knows our humble vegetable garden might help us become more sustainable in the future!