Earth Day

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Earth Day

Small hands, small acts- that’s how the KALIPAY children show their love for the earth.

The KALIPAY children’s home, Recovered Treasures is surrounded by lush greenery, a daily reminder of God’s bountiful earth. The children are actively involved in keeping the grounds clean and green by watering the plants twice a day and removing any trash that might pollute the area. With the guidance of the Home Managers and Home Parents, the children also maintain a vegetable and flower garden.

The kids help out in the kitchen in segregating food waste for its proper disposal and composting. They use compost as an all-natural fertilizer for their plants.

The Home Managers and Home Parents also teach the kids how to conserve water during laundry and bath time, as well as instilling a conscious effort in saving energy by turning off lights and appliances that are not in use.

All these seemingly simple acts show a sincere appreciation of the earth and the provision and beauty it gives.

They say every day should be Earth Day- rightfully so! May we never tire of doing acts of love for the environment. It all counts, acts big and small! Happy Earth Day, everyone!