Bringing Joy In The Time of Adversity

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Bringing Joy In The Time of Adversity

Our volunteers were given the chance to go home the moment the pandemic was announced. However, all five of them chose to stay in KALIPAY.

We would like to recognize Emilio, Victoria, Juanma, Marc, and Marta for their selflessness and continued love and support for our staff and children.

Their activities such as meditation, baking, sports, and the like were able to keep our children happy and active during the quarantine.

To our incoming March and April volunteers that were unable to make it, we would also like to recognize your sacrifice of putting off your volunteering for the sake of everyone’s safety. We would sincerely love for you to join us again if ever the opportunity rises.

It is because of dedicated supporters and volunteers like them that we are able to push through difficult times and continue to bring joy to disadvantaged children 🧡🧡🧡