Back To School!

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Back To School!

First day of school for the KALIPAY Children! They are all very excited about the new school year. So many things to learn and goals to reach!

Our school, the KALIPAY LEARNING CENTER, is exclusive to our beneficiaries who live in Recovered Treasures Home. The school itself is located inside the home premises, and the teachers are living in the compound, too. This unique set up has allowed the children to continue going to school regularly.

Even if the shelter is just a few meters away, the children get up early every day, have their breakfast, and get ready for school- uniforms and all, before lining up to walk to the school together.

The KALIPAY Home Parents and Teachers do their best in trying to make the school experience of these children victims of abuse as enjoyable as possible. Encouraging them to strive for excellence, not only in the home but in school as well.