Making Miracles Happen for Gerald

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Making Miracles Happen for Gerald

Dear friends,

I am rejoicing to share with all of you that after 16 days of admission at Corazon Locsin Montelibano Regional Hospital, our dear Gerald has finally been discharged. Everything seems to be very well with him. He is very much ambulatory and able to take care of himself. He was prescribed to continue his antibiotics for 7 more days. Since the doctor did not provide diet restrictions, Gerald can now finally enjoy eating his food (burger).

During his admission, his older brother (Rojun) and younger sister (Gerren) have been helpful in taking care of Gerald.

Thank you very much for journeying with us in bringing joy to Gerald. I am still at awe with your kind help and generosity of spirit. Please continue to be hopeful with us for a favorable biopsy result for Gerald.