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Volunteers Program

Kalipay has been accepting local and international volunteers since 2011. Volunteers conduct various activities and services that are bene cial
to the full development of the children in the residential homes.

Volunteers are seen as partners in Kalipay’s vision of providing for the needs of disadvantaged children and protecting their rights. The services that they render create a great impact with lasting impressions on the development of the children.

The objectives are as follows:

• To promote a sustainable and capacity-building volunteer program that will contribute to the total development of the children.

• To expose and immerse young professionals in a cross-cultural experience, thereby forming within them a socially conscious value system and a sense of social responsibility.

• To facilitate an exchange of professional skills, talents, and gifts.

• To carefully screen and match volunteers’ skills with the needs of the home.

Volunteers are welcome to stay a minimum of one month to one year.

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