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Haven (n.) – a place of safety, a place of protection, refuge, sanctuary.

To be a child is to be vulnerable.

But while the basic instinct of most is to protect such vulnerable beings, some instead choose to exploit this vulnerability. There are children who are physically maltreated, sexually abused, trafficked, or forced into child labor. There are also those who are neglected, abandoned, or orphaned, leaving them to fend for themselves in a world where danger abounds.

Where can these children find refuge?

One place that welcomes them to safety is Haven, A Kalipay Home. It is our foundation’s drop-in center, where children newly rescued are taken in by Kalipay are brought for shelter and care. It also serves as a halfway home, where children

aged four to 12 years old stay on a short-term basis (three to six months) before being transferred to Recovered Treasures Home, if case assessment and evaluation warrant it. Infants and toddlers below four years old stay at Haven Home, as do beneficiaries of our Independent Living Program.

Heaven Sent

Kalipay opened its doors to babies (infants) in 2014. The little angels who are usually malnourished or sickly upon entering Haven are lovingly welcomed. To address any immediate health needs, they undergo medical evaluation within 24 hours of their entry to Haven. Whether they are playfully flashing their smiles or staying still in peaceful slumber, the Kalipay babies are considered by many volunteers and staff to be among the most joyful to be with.

Bundle of Joy

Haven is also home to toddlers, energetic little tots who beam with joy and positivity. At Haven, they play with one another, have fun time with volunteers, and attend early childhood education. Once they turn four, they are assessed for readiness to be transferred to Recovered Treasures Home, where they enter formal schooling.

It is in Haven Home that the children of Kalipay first find refuge. To be a child is to be vulnerable, but this doesn’t mean that children should feel vulnerable. True to its name, Haven helps children feel safe, protected, and cared for—a true sanctuary for heaven-sent angels and bundles of joy.

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