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In KALIPAY NEGRENSE FOUNDATION we make sure that the needs of disadvantaged children are provided and their rights protected. One of which is the right to grow in a fun and loving environment.

Most of our children are homeless, abandoned, neglected, children who are physically and sexually abused, malnourished and victims of child labor and child trafficking, foundlings and orphans. They are those who silently cry for help. They are the ones who we rescue and we truly treasure.

And in RECOVERED TREASURES we give them their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, health, education and social development.

And one of the most important and basic things that we desire to give our children is a roof over their heads, at least to make their life a little comfortable with decent sleeping area, bathrooms, dining room among others.

But all of these will only be in our dreams knowing that little by little all of these will one day be gone. There are still children out there who need our help but how can we be of great help if all these things are happening sadly in our own home.

We invite you to come and be one of us in helping and rescuing these children.

We, therefore, humbly ask for your financial support in rebuilding Recovered Treasures.

We invite you to shower them with love and care that they were deprived of.

We invite you to be one of the building blocks in rebuilding a home for our disadvantaged children because we believe that No child should be hungry.. No child should be denied education…No child should be subjected to violence and No child should be on the street.


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